The 8 Simple Rules Of Limousine Etiquette

The 8 Simple Rules Of Limousine Etiquette

Limousine EtiquetteRiding in a limousine is a luxurious, breathtaking experience. You’ll have a far better trip in the limousine if you understand and follow the etiquette rules listed below.

Reserve Your Ride Well in Advance

If you’re renting a limousine for a prom or other event that will be well-attended, reserve your chauffeured car well in advance of the event date. You won’t be the only people who want limousines on that date, so book your limousine early to get the model you prefer for your special trip.

Be On Time for Pick Up and Drop Off

It’s important to be punctual for your limousine ride. Be ready to go when the driver arrives at your pickup spot. Don’t make the driver wait, especially if the limousine is parked in a short-term parking space. Ensure that all parties who will be picked up are ready to go, too.
Parents who send children off to their proms in limousines should be on time to pick up their children at the designated departure spot. The driver is on a schedule and may not be able to remain with the students.

Don’t Open or Close the Doors

Don’t open the limo doors to let yourself in, but wait for the driver to open the door for you. When it’s time to exit the vehicle, wait for the driver to come around to the door and open it for you.
That’s the chauffeur’s job, and drivers take this role very seriously. Entering and exiting the vehicle on your own is considered poor form and is disrespectful to the driver.

Make Like a Mermaid When You Get In and Out

If you want to enter the limo with class and grace, don’t just stomp in and duck your head down with your back end poking out of the door opening. It’s awkward to do and to watch.
Instead, turn your back to the door opening and set your bottom on the nearest curbside seat. Put your legs together like a mermaid, then pivot them into the car. When exiting, do the reverse. Let your legs come out of the car first, then stand up to get out of the vehicle.

Know Where the Best and Worst Seats Are Located

If you’re not paying for the trip, choose a seat that isn’t one of the VIP spots. These two spots are the curbside and far right-side seat that face forward in the main passenger area of the limo.
The middle seat between these seats is considered one of the worst spots, as are the backward-facing jump seats. Don’t make the guest of honor sit in these seats.

Take Everyone’s Safety Seriously

In some limousines, it’s acceptable to drink and smoke. Don’t let anyone get so inebriated that they poke their heads out of the roof safety hatch or hang out of the limo door windows.
Doing either of these things is risky for the passengers and the driver. Don’t ask the driver if you can ride up front, or ask if the limousine can go faster than the speed limit. Respect the safety of everyone on the trip.

Be Smart and Sophisticated With Alcohol

If you rented the limousine, it’s your prerogative to offer drinks to your passengers. If you didn’t rent the limo, don’t dive into the bar supplies without being invited to do so. Wait for the host or hostess to give approval.

Tip the Chauffeur Discreetly

A 20-percent tip is customary. You may have it arranged so that the gratuity is included in the limousine rental fee for the sake of convenience. If you wish to offer the driver a gratuity in person, place it in a discreet envelope and hand it to the driver as you exit the limousine at your final departure point.
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