Prom is one of the most important events in any high schooler’s life – that’s why teenagers and their parents spend an average of $919 during prom season.

There are a lot of expenses to consider when preparing for prom. Students break the bank to pay for designer threads, hair stylists, nail stylists, makeup technicians, and prom tickets. However, what’s more important than transportation? No one wants to show up at prom in their mom’s beat up minivan.

While prom limousine rental is a classic choice, there are even more options today. Check out this guide to find out what questions to ask the limo driver before the big night.

Ask About Available Services

Limousine rental may seem simple, but there are a variety of services available. Make sure to discuss your needs with the company before you decide on a service. Services may include:

Services can become even more specific than that. You can arrange your trip as point-to-point, hourly/as directed, charter, or roundtrip.

Depending on the company, you may have even more options to choose from. Discuss which service best meets your needs.

Ask About Pick Up and Drop Off

A limousine rental is an upscale transportation, but it is still transportation. That means the most important part of your trip is getting you safely from one place to another. To do this, you need to discuss every detail of your trip with the limousine company before you take off.

The details of your pick up and drop off may change slightly depending on the service, but generally you need to provide an exact address for each. You also need to choose a specific time. You should expect your driver to arrive on time and transport you as directed.

Ask About Cost

Most parents are primarily concerned about the safety of their children during prom. Secondarily, however, is the cost.

Depending on the size of the limo or private car, you may spend between $40 and $300 an hour. Remember, however, that a bigger vehicle means more heads to share the cost.

Don’t forget to ask about what amenities are built into this cost. Many companies offer special event packages. For example, a prom package might include drinks with the ride.

An additional convenience to limousine rental is that most services offer additional stops at no extra charge. Of course, the extra stops may add time, which means more money. However, if you need to pick up friends for prom, asking the limousine service to make extra stops should make this convenient.

You can break down the bill by asking important questions before hiring the service. Does pick up time begin from the company’s lot or your pick up location? Are there extra mileage charges? Will there be any unavoidable road tolls on your route?  

Professional Prom Limousine Rental

A prom limousine rental is a great time for teenagers to gain a little more real-world experience. They can practice communicating important information, like pick up and drop off locations. They can also practice scheduling when their driver should arrive.

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