Many people regard limousines abound with celebrity fame and fortune. Movie portrayals bring an image of sophistication and class where guests can recline against a luxurious leather seat with a bottle of sparkling champagne on hand.

However, traveling using a limousine is no longer limited to business people or upscale events like weddings, proms, and bachelor parties. It is a viable alternative to taxis for those who want to add a touch of luxury for touring around the city. Additionally, limousines provide a comfortable setting that is designed to meet individual needs. 

While it’s essential to enjoy your ride as much as possible, there are limousine etiquette rules you need to follow to show respect to the driver and the limo service. To that end, here are ways you can help make it a quality trip for everyone:

Tip #1: Respect Your Driver

Drivers from limousine services are professionals and deserve to be treated as such. To that end, it goes without saying that yelling at your driver, placing accusations for any issues with the limo, and asking them to engage in illegal activity are all taboo actions you should stay clear of.

The job of a chauffeur is to be polite and drive you from place-to-place without disturbing your special occasion, so don’t take it to heart if they don’t strike up a conversation. Additionally, distracting them from their job will only make it more difficult for them to navigate through traffic. 

To that end, if you do have any reasonable problems with your drive, the best practice is to contact the limo service immediately.

Tip #2: Treat the Limo with Utmost Care and Attention

Limousines are a luxurious place to host a party with friends, but be sure to keep yourself grounded by treating it even better than you would your own car. This includes keeping yourself in check when passing around drinks to avoid spilling and staining the seats. 

On another note, it’s also crucial to keep every item and its interiors in as tip-top shape as possible. You will be held accountable for any damages done to the vehicle, as well as for any missing items such as glassware. 

Tip #3: Don’t Forget to Tip the Driver

When checking with the fees of the limo service, be sure to check if the tip for your drive is already included or not. The recommended tip for your chauffeur with an excellent service typically falls at 20% of the rental price. Of course, you are not obliged to tip for bad service, but the limo company should know about any misconduct done by your driver.

Tip #4: Enter and Exit Correctly

Entering using your arms first and your butt sticking in the air can make for an unsightly appearance. The proper way of entering your car is by allowing the chauffeur to open the door for you. 

The next step is to slide into the seat and swing your legs inside for a more elegant movement. The same procedure goes while exiting, and when done correctly, you can ensure you look like a pro when getting in and out of your limousine.

Tip #5: Keep Your Party Under Control

You can have plenty of fun while riding in a limousine, however, keeping it under control doesn’t mean you have to put a cap to your night. The job of your chauffeur is to keep you safe as you travel from place-to-place, but their safety is also crucial. 

For that reason, always get the approval of the limousine service if you are planning to include alcohol beyond its provided service. Additionally, it goes without saying that smoking and doing drugs are strictly prohibited. 

The Bottom Line

Riding a limousine offers a ride of a lifetime as it exudes elegance, so be sure to follow proper etiquette while you’re on the road to keep the night as smooth-sailing as possible for you and the driver.

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