Limos for Kids? Why You Should Hire a Car Service for Your Child or Teen

Limos for Kids? Why You Should Hire a Car Service for Your Child or Teen

Limos for Kids

Limos for Kids

Limos aren’t just for adults. Even though they do use car services for everything from business travel to the most magical events of their lives (such as weddings), adults aren’t the only ones who are riding in style. Children and teens can also use these special services too.

Hiring a limo and a driver may seem extravagant for someone under 18, but if you think about it, there are several reasons it’s a good idea. Not only are limos a way for your child or teen to arrive in style, but they also serve a practical purpose. Instead of having to play the role of parent chauffeur, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is getting a safe ride to their event.
You know that a ride to school or soccer carpool isn’t exactly limo-worthy. So what events or activities are? Take a look at some of the top reasons why parents hire a limo service for their children and teens.

Prom Night

Prom is one of the traditional times when teens rent limos for the night. This is ‘the event’ of the high school years, and that means your teen wants to make it special. A limo lets your child arrive in style and makes it possible to keep the party going – while the kids are driving to and from the dance. Isn’t a limo cooler than pulling up to prom in mom’s minivan?
Along with the wow factor of arriving in a limo, a chauffeured service is also practical when it comes to this high school event. Graduated driver’s licensing requirements set limits on when a teen can drive and how many people can ride as passengers. A prom that goes late into the night or comes with an after-party means that most teens can’t legally drive themselves home. Hiring a limo means that your teen, and their friends, can stay out late without having to worry about the driver’s license laws.
Keep in mind, it’s common for teens to go to prom as a group. Again, graduated licensing laws may prohibit your teen from driving four or five friends at once. Instead of splitting everyone into smaller pairs, a limo lets everyone ride together.

Big Birthday Bashes

Whether your child is celebrating their entry into the teen years, having a sweet 16 or just planning a major birthday bash, a limo makes a fun addition to the festivities.
If your child’s party plans including making multiple stops (such as to the movie theater, a restaurant and then on to an ice cream shop), the limo lets them arrive at each party point in a lux way. It takes your child’s big day and makes it even better, giving the birthday boy or girl an extra special way to celebrate.
A limo isn’t always just a stylish way to get from here to there. Some birthday parties revolve around the ride. If you don’t have a major event or a venue picked, the limo ride itself can become the centerpiece of the party. Spend an hour driving around town, seeing the sites from the chauffeured car. Or you can ride around, stop somewhere for cake and ice cream and then get back to the limo party.

Graduation Ride

Like prom, graduation is a major high school event. Your teen is excited, nervous and wants to make sure that this night is memorable. Start out with a family limo ride to the ceremony. This takes some of the pressure off of you and gives the immediate family time to bond over this momentous occasion.
After the ceremony ends, let the kids take the limo over. Your teen and their friends can take the limo out to dinner or to a night filled with graduation parties. Of course, you’ll have to hire a car of your own to drive you (and the rest of the family) home.
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