While most kids will never get to experience a limousine ride, some do find themselves getting the opportunity to do so once in a while—heading for school, going to a special occasion, or tagging along with their parents. When they do ride in a limousine, there are three things to keep in mind to make sure that the child is safe while having an enjoyable riding experience.

Set an example

When your child finds out that you’ve rented a limousine to bring the family to a special occasion, they’ll be eager for the ride. They’ll be excited looking at, under, and over the seats, touching everything they can, and will cause a commotion. They may be so excited that they would refuse to leave the car when you arrive at the destination! 

Although this is understandable, you should remind your child that the car is not yours. There are specific rules and etiquette that come with the use of limousines, and whatever applies to you should be applied to your child as well. That said, explain what he or she can or cannot do and be an example for them to follow.

Car seat regulations

Although limousines are one of the few vehicles that are exempted from child car seat regulations, you’d still be better off using one. If you have a baby with you but do not have a car seat, don’t be afraid to ask the limo company for one. 

They’ll either provide it to you for free or for a small fee. You will only need to give them the age and size of your child, and they’ll have it ready on pick-up day. If you do have your child’s car seat, the limo driver can keep it safe in the car until you head back home. For older children that do not require a car seat, they’ll need to be wearing seat belts at all times.

Sit at the back

Your child may beg to sit in the front seat, but if they are younger than 12 years, it would be best for them to sit at the back. This is for safety reasons, as the back seat is generally much safer than in front in case an accident occurs. 

Generally, most companies won’t even allow anyone to sit in front. Even if they do, they won’t allow young children to sit in front. If your child is older, perhaps a teenager, you can discuss with the driver of the possibility of them sitting in front. The answer will depend on the limo driver since a passenger beside them can be distracting at times.

More often than not, your child will have much more fun in a limousine than the adults do. Although it is great to see your child laughing away and enjoying the ride, you must always put safety as your top priority. Remember, when you’re in a moving vehicle, anything can happen. 

That said, make sure your child knows of the rules of a limousine ride. You can teach them by first being an example yourself on how they should behave in a limousine.

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