Contrary to what people usually think, limousine car services are not limited to a stretch limo. It’s true that a classic stretch limo is mostly used for proms, weddings, and other special events. However, car services offer different types of vehicles other than a stretch limo.

You may need a smaller car for a quick tour of the city or a bigger limousine to accommodate a whole party. There are different options to choose from. By knowing your options, you can select the limousine car that’s perfect for your event.

Here are some of the most common types of cars that limousine car services offer:

  1. A long sedan as a limousine car

If you’re looking for an upgraded car without too much of the extravagance, you can book a long sedan as your limousine car. Car services offer luxury sedans to people who wish to go to a city tour without having to deal with the struggles of public transportation. You’ll be sure to arrive at your destination relaxed, comfortable, and on time.

The best part is that you can enjoy the premium benefits of a long sedan without having to pay a high price. It is an excellent choice for people traveling by themselves or with a few select people. It can accommodate a group of three to four people without sacrificing comfort.

  1. The classic stretch limo

The classic stretch limousine is what you usually see in the movies. It’s a great representation of luxury and style. Aside from its impressive external look, a stretch limo should be given more credit. On top of its stylish aesthetic qualities, it also offers the utmost comfort for its passengers.

You can book a stretch limo to get the most comfortable ride for a business trip, birthday, or prom. It can accommodate a medium-sized group of people with enough legroom to spare.

  1. The limo “party” bus

If you’re planning to have a party and need to accommodate a big group, you will need a large limo bus to get the party started. It’s a great way to pump you up before you reach your party destination. You can also enjoy some pre-party drinks while stuck in traffic. Better yet, why not have the party inside your limousine? After all, it’s called a “party bus” for a reason.

This vehicle is equipped with all the party must-haves, such as a disco floor, smoke machine, dancing poles, and many others. It even has its own restroom so that you can party without worrying about stopping over for a trip to the loo. The party bus is the perfect vehicle for your next birthday party or reunion. You can also book it for city tours with big groups.


If you have a special event coming your way, booking a limousine car is the perfect way to upgrade your transportation services. A limo is a classic symbol of luxury, class, and comfort. You can choose among the different types of luxury limousine cars that are just right for your needs. Find a car limousine service that can offer great customer service. Make sure that you book only the best car service so that your ride is fun, relaxed, and hassle-free.

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