Keep the Party GoingPlanning the ultimate night out requires a careful balance of thoughtful organization and an attitude focused on fun. As the main event planner, doing a little extra work now means that you will be able to relax and enjoy the special occasion along with your guests.

Whether you are planning a bachelorette party or a quinceañera, arranging for a limousine is the perfect way to keep your party together as you travel between venues. In fact, having a professional driver keeping you safe between venues allows you to make sure the party never stops. Here are some ideas for making the most of your ride.

Choose the Right Size Limousine

One of the biggest party planning mistakes a person can make is picking the wrong-sized limo. This is because limousines are supposed to be spacious, and trying to cram in too many people messes up everyone’s clothes and fun. For this reason, you will want to work with your limo company to plan accordingly.

When contacting your limo company, be prepared with a few details such as the type of event you are planning along with your expected amount of guests. This way, they can help you decide if you need a stretch limo or a party bus to give everyone enough room to get in the mood for some fun.

Plan Your Refreshments

Serving your guests refreshments during their ride shows that you care about their comfort. Ask your limousine company about their refreshment options. For instance, having access to a bar during your party bus ride gives your guests a way to continue the fun as you travel between nightclubs.

For younger guests, other options such as sparkling grape juice or soda can add a special touch to occasions like quinceañeras. Bottled water is also a great option to keep guests hydrated when they are spending the night dancing and being active.

Create a Personalized Playlist

In addition to the customized lighting, you can enjoy in your limo, music helps set the mood for fun. Spend some time putting together the ultimate playlist. Music can serve as a backdrop during your conversations or take center stage as you and your friends belt out the lyrics during a rousing game of karaoke.

To create an amazing playlist, begin by asking your guest of honor if they have any preferences. For example, a bachelorette may want to hear her couple’s song. Then, make sure to add enough music to last longer than you think that you will need. This ensures that you won’t have to worry about hearing repeats.

Bring Photo Props

The whole point of hiring a limo is to make sure that everyone knows that you are in a limo. Make sure that your friends are snapping pictures that are social media ready by stashing a few photo props in your party kit. Whether you pose with sparkly tiaras or silly hats, your group will love showing off their luxury ride.

Plan Exciting Limo Games

A good event planner always has a bag of tricks at the ready just in case there’s ever a lull in the fun. Party games are always a great way to encourage mingling and conversation, and some of the best ones can be played in a limousine.

Consider putting together a scavenger hunt that your guests can do on the route between venues, or you could pre-interview your guest-of-honor ahead of time and see who can guess their answers. Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever and Hot Potato with a Camera, are a few more awesome games that your guests will love.

When you want your party to go all night long, a limo will let everyone enjoy the night safely. As you plan your party, contact Sunset Limousine Services for more fun ideas to create a truly memorable event.