Many people are hiring limousines to experience luxury while traveling from one area to another. From going from one beach to the other, arriving at a party in style, or make a grand entrance to a wedding, a limousine can provide a travel experience like no other. 

If you are ready for a special occasion and want to hire the services of a limousine driver, you may be wondering how much you should tip the driver. Here are two tips you should follow to help you determine the amount: 

Pay attention to the rental fee

Before hiring a limousine service, take a look at their rental fee. Some companies may require you to pay the full amount upfront or only a portion of it to start. This, of course, depends on the agreement between you and the service provider. 

The full amount stated on the contract is final, so you won’t have to worry about getting surprised with extra costs later on. However, any additional payments you’ll make, also known as “tips,” will be directed to the limousine driver. 

Whether or not you offer a tip is entirely up to you. However, if you find that the driver has provided exemplary services, you should want to reward their good efforts. 

Determining the tip amount

In the case where you had gotten the best limo driver and want to give a reward, how much should you give? 

First, remember that a tip isn’t mandatory by any means. As previously mentioned, it is merely an act of gratitude to the service rendered by your chauffeur. However, it is still recommended that you give a tip. It is a noble gesture to be kind to the person who ensured your safety throughout the travel. 

Second, observe your driver and their performance. Are you extremely pleased with the service offered? If you are, then a tip of about 15 to 20 percent of the total price stated on the contract is what you’ll give. 

Then again, how much you give him is entirely up to you. The numbers we’ve given are just a baseline that you can follow. If you aren’t happy with the services of the driver, you don’t have to provide a single penny. A tip is like a gift a chauffeur receives for doing an exceptional job.  

Finally, be kind to them. Although tipping isn’t a must, limousine passengers are highly to follow this practice. Although these chauffeurs get their fair share of payments from the companies, most still rely on tips to make a living. Put yourself into their shoe, would you want to be tipped for carrying out your services, making sure they make it to their destination safe and sound? Of course, you do. 

Remember—at the end of the day, your limousine driver’s job is to take you from one point to another safely. You don’t necessarily have to give them a massive tip for keeping you alive, but if they did a job well done, do consider showing a little appreciation with a small bonus. Be generous to those who treat you well and they will continue to provide exemplary services.

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