First Time In Tahoe? Car Service Is More Than Just A Convenience

First Time In Tahoe? Car Service Is More Than Just A Convenience

Tahoe Car Service

Tahoe Car Service

Flying into a city offers you a chance to check out new sights and try new activities — and get used to new road rules and cars. Renting a car is the typical plan for many people who fly into Reno and the surrounding area. You, however, may want to try a different tactic that will let you enjoy what the Reno-Tahoe area has to offer without worrying about transportation.

Car services — not just limos, but chauffeured town cars and well-equipped vans — take the pressure off you in more ways than one. Not only do you have a driver who already knows Nevada and California driving laws, but you also get a mode of transportation that offers additional protection from problems due to weather, altitude, and general unfamiliarity, three issues that can make driving here difficult in winter.
Rather than ignore the possible effects of these three issues, hire a town car service to be your dedicated transportation. The benefits far outweigh any possible disadvantages.

Winter Preparedness and Communication

Reno and Tahoe get snow in the winter, and if a storm hits, you have to be sure you have a survival kit and don’t get lost. Rental car companies don’t really provide those kits, and you have to hope that the car you’re renting is ready for winter driving. Unless you know what you’re doing, you risk getting caught in storms, snowbanks, and ice-propelled crashes.
A town car service protects you from that. The company pays attention to weather reports and knows what each road tends to be like when the weather throws various obstacles at drivers. The company can stay in touch with you as you arrive, letting you know if your plans have to change for safety reasons.
You won’t get that from a rental company. And if your car gets stuck on the road in a storm, you have to hope you can reach the rental company’s roadside service number to get out — but with a town car or limo service, you’ll have a company watching for the arrival of your car, and you won’t be alone.

Altitude Sickness

Reno is at about 4,500 feet in elevation, and Lake Tahoe is at about 6,200 feet. While these are both below the typical 8,000 feet that people think bring on altitude sickness, you can still experience some effects at 6,200 feet. Even Denver at less than 5,500 feet can make a few people woozy.
It takes time to acclimate, and if you’re one of those who experience symptoms at these middle altitudes — or you’ve just flown in from sea level and plan to drive straight into higher elevations — you are not going to want to drive.
If you can’t spend a little time getting used to elevations gradually, get a driver. That driver will already be acclimated to at least Reno’s elevation, if not Tahoe’s elevation. Do not risk a car accident because you misjudged how your body would react.

Getting Lost

Reno and Tahoe have major, well-known highways, but if your destination lies off the main road, you risk getting lost. Even in good weather that can be alarming. Car service companies know the area inside out and often have dedicated customer service aiding them.
Given how many stories have come out lately about GPS leading drivers into trouble, including lakes, wrong-way traffic, and off bridges, you can’t rely solely on your phone apps to help you. Your car service may have GPS as one type of aid, but it won’t be the only guidance the driver gets.
Don’t take a chance — make your winter vacation in Tahoe and Reno a fun one by having someone else drive you. Contact Sunset Limousine Services to find out more about town car, van, and limousine rentals for your weekend.
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