A good maid of honor or best man will get the party going from the moment the couple steps into the bridal limo. After all, it’s their special day! Making memories from the get-go is how you can fulfill your duties as the maid of honor or best man. The bridal limo is not one to be excluded from the preparations. It should be stocked with items to help kick off the celebration. Once the couple is done saying their “I do’s,” it’s time for the champagne to flow!

The limo is an excellent place to start saying “congratulations” to the newly married couple. As the person of honor, you might not be there inside the limo to wish them well yourself, but you have to make them feel like they’re being congratulated. It is where they will have their first moment alone, so it’s essential to get them the things they might need to help them make their big day more memorable.

A good person of honor will make sure that the newly married couple has time to relax and settle the jitters before they face the crowd of happy greeters and well-wishers. To make sure that they have that moment of peace, stock the limo with the following items:

 1. A suitcase for the reception clothes

Most brides and grooms are expected to undergo wardrobe changes between the ceremony and the reception. After all, who wants to party in a six-foot-long veil? If the couple will be changing into the bridal casuals so that they can move and groove to the beats, be sure to put their clothes into the limo. A pair of comfortable shoes wouldn’t hurt, either. It’s always nice to have another option!

2. Koozies

Koozies will help keep the beverages cold and the hands of the newlyweds dry. Who doesn’t need a cold drink after a nerve-wracking event? Make sure their first married toast to each other is cold and refreshing, but not hand-numbing.

 3. A bottle opener

Koozies won’t be of much use if there aren’t any drinks, to begin with. If the journey will take some time, make sure the newlyweds are equipped with some refreshments. A bottle of champagne and a bottle opener is a must!

4. A photographer

This photographer’s job is to capture candid moments between the newlyweds while inside the limo. Tell the couple beforehand if their photographer will be joining them in the car. Ask the photographer to give them some alone time as well so that they can enjoy basking quietly in happiness before the wild party begins!

 5. Personalized champagne flutes

Nothing says official better than personalized items. Put the newlyweds’ initials on the champagne flutes. There will be many champagne poppings, so give them their own glasses!

6. A killer playlist

A great playlist has to be prepared beforehand. If you’re rooting to become the year’s best person of honor, you must get the bride and the groom’s favorite songs and compile them in one playlist. You can add your best choices on it as well. It’s one way to help them remember who helped made it all possible!

7. OTC Medications

If one of the newlyweds or both are having some severe stomach issues caused by the jitters, the limo should have antacids lying around. Get the most basic OTC medicines on board, just in case. By the time they get to the reception, those issues are settled, and they’re bound to have a good time.

The items on the list are basic, which is why they’re hard to miss. All you need to do as a person of honor is to be thoughtful enough so that your best pals will have one wedding day they can never forget—all thanks to you! 

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