With so many limousine rentals in the market today, it’s tempting to book the nearest, cheapest, or the most eye-catching one. Safety is one factor often neglected when choosing the right limo rental. What makes a limousine service safe and trustworthy? We list down five things to look for before hopping into your next ride:

Rely on referrals

Online reviews, such as Yelp or TripAdvisor, are undoubtedly useful, but a personal one is better. Ask your network of friends for references based on their own experience. Be precise with your questions. When did they rent the limo, where was their destination, and was the driver polite and pleasant? These are just some points you could ask your friends. 

Bear in mind that people will often share negative comments more than the positives. So if you hear a slew of rants about a particular car company, believe your friends and look for another.

Conduct a background check

Aside from your friends’ reviews, do your due diligence, and run a background check yourself. The government provides an online database of private car companies’ safety records. It is crucial to check for traffic violations, road accidents, and other misconducts before booking your limousine rental. 

To get accurate information, check for the company’s registered name and USDOT number listed on its website. If the details aren’t there, call and ask for them. If they refuse your inquiry, it’s a clear sign that you should find another rental.

Inquire about the limo’s age and condition

Before concluding your booking, ask the rental company about the vehicle’s age and status. You want to make sure that its fleet is up to date and properly maintained. Be meticulous in inquiring about the limousine’s make and model, including what year it was made. Transportation experts recommend going for the ones below four years old.

Check the license and registration

Upon the limo’s arrival, the first thing to ask the driver is to see his license and the car’s registration. Check to see if they are valid and not expired. If you are concerned about running late for your event, consider scheduling your pick-up at an earlier time. This way, you’ll have time to ask the limo company for a replacement if you are not satisfied with the vehicle they sent.

Cheap isn’t necessarily best

We all want the most bang for our buck, which is why it’s an instinct to go for the cheapest option. However, do not compromise your safety by hiring an inexpensive but questionable limo service. Renting a limo means you’re putting your safety in the hands of another driver, so focus on a rental company that’s trustworthy and reliable. If it means paying more, remember that you can’t put a price on your peace of mind. 

If, at any point during your ride, you suddenly feel unsafe, do not hesitate to ask the driver to pull over. A reputable limousine rental will always be willing to offer replacements so you can get to your destination safely and comfortably.

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