3 Fresh Ways to Enjoy Limousine Service

3 Fresh Ways to Enjoy Limousine Service

Enjoy Limousine ServiceAt its most basic, a limousine ride is a mode of transportation to get you from point A to point B. Not a lot of people rent a limo just for that, though — it’s more often about the luxurious experience of taking such a sweet ride. What’s more, there’s a certain thrill to being seen getting into and out of a limo.

You know all about renting limos for the usual occasions. Here are three fresh ways for you to enjoy limousine service.

Children’s Party

Using limousine service for birthdays, especially milestone ones, is not uncommon. However, did you ever think about using a limo ride as the centerpiece of a children’s party? They love the experience maybe even more than adults.

When you’re planning a children’s party, there are several important considerations. The first, of course, is budget. You’ll want a firm number for how many guests are riding in the limo because it affects the size of the car you must book.

Another decision is how you want to incorporate the limo into the party. It can simply take you to a destination, or it can be the main focus of the party. However, because your guests are primarily children, it might be better to have at least a stop or two for them to get out and enjoy an activity, such as to get ice cream or walk around a park.

Finally, plan for the limo time itself. Organize a setlist of kid-friendly music for the ride. Also, organize some activities for the children to enjoy en route. You can stick to the classics, such as I Spy and Slug Bug. However, you can also plan to watch shows during the ride.

Girls’/Guys’ Night Out

Limousine service is also common for bachelor and bachelorette parties. However, there’s no reason you can’t use a limo as transportation on your night out with friends.

First, plan the activity, whether it’s a sporting event, club hopping or even shopping. Consider the route so you can have a fair amount of time inside the limo as well as the thrill of arriving in your luxurious ride.

Since part of the fun really is the journey itself, plan it accordingly. You could arrange to bring drinks and snacks or ask Sunset Limousine Services about providing some for you.

Likewise, as with the children’s party, choose a festive setlist for your night out with friends. It’s also possible to rent a party bus complete with party-ready lighting, an entertainment center, and even a dance pole.


When you’re heading to a new city, there’s no reason to struggle with public transportation or hop on one of those tour buses. Instead, you can see some of the sites in style from the back of your limousine.

According to Planetware, some of the top-rated sights in Reno are the Reno Arch, Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, and Nevada Museum of Art. You can use a limo to drive by and appreciate the beauty of these structures or to drop you off for your visit.

Another popular Reno attraction is the Animal Ark, which is just outside of town. It would be a luxury to take a limo ride for this scenic drive through some pretty, rural land in Nevada.

Even if you just drive around the city itself, your driver can point out special areas of interest, especially those that might not be featured in visitors’ guides. The experience can become your own personal tour of Reno.

Renting limousine service for a fresh purpose can create unforgettable memories. Contact Sunset Limousine Services to book your next luxurious limo experience.

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